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The VeriSM™ Professional certification validates a professional's knowledge about:

• A digital world; • Digital leadership and structure; • Governance and strategy; • Applying VeriSM™. 

VeriSM™ is an enterprise service management approach for the digital age, focusing on an end-toend view of service management.

The VeriSM™ model allows organizations to produce and deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers, whilst allowing for customization and alignment to the type of business, the size of the organization, business priorities, organizational culture, and even the nature of the individual project or service.

In the VeriSM™ model, governance and service management principles are relatively stable elements, only changing when the needs of the organization change. The Management Mesh is flexible and is adjusted as required for products and services, for example to integrate a new management practice or a new technology. In four stages the product or service is defined, produced, provided and supported.

The VeriSM™ Professional certification tests a candidate's knowledge of, and skills in, applying VeriSM™ in an organization.

Those certified as VeriSM™ Professional understand the impact of digital transformation on the organization and on people, consumers as well as staff. They can translate strategic direction into a successful operating environment.

The certified VeriSM™ Professional has proven his or her ability to create and use a Management Mesh that is based on the organization's portfolio, principles and governance needs. After creating or adapting the Management Mesh based on new requirements, a VeriSM™ Professional can manage the product or service through the Define, Produce, Provide and Respond stages.

The VeriSM™ Professional certificate is relevant for professionals operating in organizations that have the ambition to digitalize or further digitalize the development and delivery of their products and/or services. The target group includes, but is not limited to: • Specialists, lower and middle managers from all organizational disciplines, who are tasked with translating strategy to operation. • Professionals involved in guiding products or services through the enterprise value chain. • Professionals involved in the implementation of digital transformation initiatives. • Consultants and coaches, who assist an organization in planning, building and operating the VeriSM™ model in order to meet digital transformation objectives. • Junior professionals who aspire to fulfil any of the above roles or responsibilities.



1. A Digital World

1.1 Concepts in a Digital World 

1.2 Working in a Digital Context

2. Digital Leadership and Structure

2.1 Digital Leaders

2.2 Organizational Structure and Culture 

3. Governance and Strategy

3.1 Governance and Service Management Principles in the VeriSM™ Model

4. Applying the VeriSM™ Model

4.1 Using the VeriSM™ Model

4.2 Setting Up the Solution in the Define Stage

4.3 Leading the Solution through the Produce, Provide and Respond Stages


Requirements for certification • Successful completion of the VeriSM™ Professional exam. • Completion of the VeriSM™ Professional practical assignments, either via self-study or as part of an accredited training. Knowledge of VeriSM™, through the completion of the VeriSM™ Foundation exam, is strongly recommended. Training by an accredited training organization is also strongly recommended.


VeriSM™ Professional

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